the vans rv4

The Fireflies perform in two Van's RV4s. The Van's series of sport aircraft are by a long way, the most successful line of build-it-yourself kit planes on the planet. Well over 9,000 RV's have taken to the skies around the world and the RV4's that the team fly are a development of the original, single seat RV3.


Weighing in at an empty weight of approximately 500kg the RV4 is about a third the weight of a VW Golf but it's fitted with a 5.3 Litre

160HP engine giving it performance like a hot-rod.


Normal cruising speed is about 160 mph but we don't do normal, so during the display the Fireflies make the most of the entire flight envelope and will be travelling at everything from zero to over 200 mph.


Stall Speed48 mph

Cruise Speed170-190 mph

Max Speed210 mph

Positive G Limit+6 g

Negative G Limit-3 g

Max Takeoff Weight705 kg