Biomedicalization and Doctors of Korean Medicine

Doctors of Korean Medicine (DMD) are licensed physicians in South Korea who specialize in East Asian traditional medicine. They hold a primary care role in the healthcare system. Historically, they have held only limited public health and clinical roles, but in recent years, their role in health care has shifted to a more mainstream position,… Continue reading Biomedicalization and Doctors of Korean Medicine

Accommodation at a Pension

Unlike hotels, pensions are family-run and are often less expensive. You can choose between a full pension plan or a half-board plan. Guests can also choose to have lunch served to them at a separate cost. Pensions are also available in historic buildings and sometimes have special rates for traveller groups. Pensions are a type… Continue reading Accommodation at a Pension

Dental Composite Resins

Dental composite resins are a class of restorative materials that are made of synthetic resins. These materials are insoluble, resistant to dehydration, and provide an ideal toothlike appearance. They are also easy to manipulate and are relatively inexpensive. If you have damaged teeth, dental composite resins may be the right choice for you. Read on… Continue reading Dental Composite Resins

Improving Your Driving Skills

One of the most important driving skills is knowing where your car is in relation to other cars and road users. This skill can be improved by using parking lot pylons. Drivers can also improve their knowledge of their position by practicing without them. Another important skill is identifying speed differentials. Knowing this skill helps… Continue reading Improving Your Driving Skills