How to Turn Gift Card Cash-Out Into Cash

Gift cards are great gifts, but they can be a pain when they’re for stores you don’t use or for a restaurant that just doesn’t suit your style. Here are some ways to turn those unwanted cards into cash.

You can sell gift cards to websites that buy them for a percentage of their value, like CardSell or Raise. These sites verify the amount with 상품권현금교환 the retailer before offering you an offer.

Sell It

If you’re not interested in spending the full value on a gift card, try selling it for cash online. Reputable websites like Raise and CardCash make it easy to turn unwanted gift cards into the cash you need.

You can also sell your gift cards in person at places like Gameflip or ClipKard. Generally, these options offer lower prices than online resellers. However, they may be less convenient.

If you’re in a hurry to unload your unwanted gift card, consider using an app like CardSell, which promises a quick turnaround. You can use this smartphone app to sell your gift cards to hundreds of retailers for cash, which will hit your PayPal account in 48 hours or less. The company currently offers about 80% to 92% of the value of a gift card, though the actual amount you’ll get will depend on the retailer. It also offers the option of exchanging your card for a different merchant’s gift cards.

Trade It In

If a gift card you received just doesn’t work for you, consider trading it in. Websites like CardCash and Raise let you trade in unused cards for cash or more desirable store gift cards. “You’ll usually get a lower value if you sell your gift card for cash,” says money-saving expert Andrea Woroch, but it’s still better than leaving it unused.

Alternatively, you can try selling your gift cards to friends and family members. They’ll probably give you cash or use the gift card on something they want, and you’ll avoid the fees involved in online resellers.

You can also donate your unwanted gift cards to charity. Just make sure you do your research on the organizations you’re considering before you hand over that cash. Some charities, such as food and clothing banks, even accept gift cards you’ve donated. It’s a way to feel less Scrooge-like, and you could also get a tax deduction if you itemize your deductions.

Ask for Cash

Many consumers have been given gift cards with a small amount left on them, but not enough to make another purchase. The unused money isn’t worth much to them, but they don’t want to throw the card away either.

One solution is to use a website such as Raise, which allows you to sell your gift cards for cash. The company will pay you 92% of the card’s value, according to its website.

Another option is to go to a physical store that accepts the card and ask for cash back. Some retailers will do this, but others will not.

Some states require retailers to give guests cash if their gift card balance is below a certain threshold. The cash out gift card feature is a way for stores to offer this service when they wish. It requires that the payment connector and a payment gateway or processor support it. In addition, this feature only works if the POS has the Allow Non-Drawer Refunds (payment method) permission.

Use It

Whether you’re stuck with a gift card to a store you don’t shop at, or a small balance on a prepaid card that’s sitting in your junk drawer, there are ways to use it. And that’s important, because many consumers never spend up to the full value of their cards, according to a survey from branded payments provider Blackhawk Network.

You can sell your unwanted gift card on a website like Raise, which pays you a percentage of the remaining balance. Or you can exchange a gift card for a gift card to a store you actually shop at, at websites like CardCash.

Some states have laws requiring retailers to give you cash tender when your gift card’s balance falls below a certain amount, says consumer savings expert Courtney Jespersen at NerdWallet. You can also ask the retailer to apply the balance toward a larger purchase, she says. It may not be as lucrative as selling the card, but at least you’ll have used it up.